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"Separated by war. Tested by battle. Bound by friendship."

The above is the tagline for a story by Michael Morpurgo titled "War Horse".

The story is told through the eyes of Joey, a horse owned by the son of an English farmer who, at the beginning of WWI, was sold to the army to be a cavalry horse. The story follows Joey's harrowing and heart touching journey through the war and the people he meets along the way, both kind and cruel, both human and fellow horse.

From his kind farm boy, Albert, to the courageous Captain James Nicholls, to sure footed Topthorn, to sweet Emilie and beyond, Joey's encounters reveal the nature of people and animals during a time when the world seemed to be descending into chaos. Joey's journey reveals that even enemies share common ground when it comes to their love and respect of the courageous horses fighting to survive along side them.

It is not often that a story brings tears to my eyes. But several times while reading this story I found myself wiping tears away. This story reached out and touched my heart in a way that, when I was younger, "Black Beauty" once had. Reading of Joey's life, his survival, and how hard Albert fought to be reunited with his beloved friend, I couldn't help but be moved. The love and bond between boy and horse is beyond words.

Even though "War Horse" is listed as a children's novel I would highly recommend this story to anyone, be they an animal lover or not, because it is such a moving story. It has a way of reaching out and grabbing hold of you. Of bringing you into Joey's world and showing how, no matter what happens, friendship can keep you alive. It gives you a strength you may not have known you had.
My thoughts on the Michael Morpurgo story "War Horse" now adapted as a film, set to be released on December 25, 2011.
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vansiibgjackson Featured By Owner May 21, 2012
This movie is one of my favourites! It's a bit like Black Beauty and that's why I love it so much!
AaronBissell Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
You know, I had a very similar experience while watching the film. :)
Volts48 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
as :iconskywalker0007: said it best:

"...the film has a lingering potential for more harsh realism over romanticism driven by chance..."
Wolfstarh88 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
WOW that's one EPIC pic great work
Starlioness Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2011
all I can say is they make some joey toys or plushes or something.. cause he's so cute! *steals poster* but my fave is topthorn :)
Refugnic Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
When I read your review, I had a sudden flashback to that one scene in 'Asterix in Belgium' (or whatever the english title is).

The romans were attacking the Belgians...but once the attack was repelled, a belgian pulled out a first aid kit...and began patching up a roman.
The roman objected: "But...but I'm an enemy."
The man replied: "You're not a friend, you're not an enemy, you're hurt."

And that was enough for him to help him.
Though the details may be sketchy (and probably wrong on numerous accounts), that line impressed me.

Wartimes need people like that...who don't care about nationality...who only care about humanity.
Because it's those people...who will make the world a better place. And not the legions of soldiers on the battlefields of the planet.
Shiyloh Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
i wanna see this movie
LJ-Todd Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
As do I :)
Shiyloh Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
can you help me.....check my journal
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