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Bifur, Bofur, Bombur and Their Daemons by LJ-Todd Bifur, Bofur, Bombur and Their Daemons by LJ-Todd
More The Hobbit daemon!AU art.

Blurb about Bifur and his Malagasy giant chameleon daemon, Urdur:

Bifur watched as Urdur showed off to Ori and Bilbo, changing her colors every now and then, making both youngsters grin and exclaim how wonderful she was. He smirked a bit, knowing how much it meant to Urdur to be seen as something more than the daemon of a damaged Dwarf. So many took one look at him and then assumed Urdur was just as broken.

He couldn't help but chuckle when Urdur crawled back up onto his leg, colors returned to normal, she looked up at him and he stroked his hand over her. He calmly asked her, in Khuzdul, what she thought of the Hobbit. She looked at Bilbo, who was conversing with Ori, and then back at him.

"He's a good person," she replied, her tail curling around his wrist as he continued to run his hand over her. "I think Gandalf chose him well."

Bifur nodded and looked at their burglar. He didn't necessarily see what Gandalf saw but he was certain the wizard knew what he was doing.

Urdur is an Icelandic name meaning "fate"

Blurb about Bofur and his Basilisk Lizard daemon, Zhivka:

"He heard everything Thorin said...I know he did."

Bofur looked at Zhivka, who was perched on his shoulder, a brilliant green against his dark clothes and hair. He then glanced over to where Bilbo sat, at the edge of the group. Like his daemon he had no doubts that Bilbo had heard Thorin's harsh words after they'd escaped the goblins and seeing the little Hobbit look so sad, so lost, all while trying hard not to, bothered him deeply.

Grabbing his pack and bedroll, which he'd just lain out next to Bifur's he crossed the camp, ignoring the way his fellow Dwarves watched him curiously. Bilbo and his daemon, Nuala, looked up at him in surprise when he laid his bedroll next to the Hobbit's. "Zhivka and I decided to join you tonight," he said with a grin, Zhivka nodded eagerly from her perch. Bilbo smiled, a glow of appreciation entering his eyes and Bofur knew he'd made the right decision.

Zhivka is a Bulgarian name meaning "living"

Blurb about Bombur and his raccoon daemon, Hege:

Bombur settled down for the evening, listening as his fellow Dwarves chatted and sang, trying to ease some of the aches acquired during the days of walking. He smiled as Hege climbed up on the log he was leaning against, her whiskers tickling his neck when she cuddled against him. Reaching up he patted her fur, not surprised when she nibbled gently on his fingers. He smiled at her. "Do you think we made the right decision," he asked softly, not wanting the others to overhear them. "Coming on this quest?"

Hege made a soft sound, nuzzling his cheek with her nose. "I believe so." She looked around at the group for a moment before looking at him again. "We may not be a warrior like Dwalin or Thorin. But we are willing to stand, to aid our King and his cause. We answered his call nobly and readily. We belong here just as much as the others."

Bombur nodded, looking to where Thorin sat. Hege was right. They may not be great warriors but for their King they were ready to do anything.

Hege is a Norwegian name meaning "holy"

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