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October 23, 2012
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The Spy & Her Daemon by LJ-Todd The Spy & Her Daemon by LJ-Todd
For my Avengers daemon!AU fanfic.

Blurb about Maria Hill and her death's head moth daemon, Mortium:

"It's a bug, Rogers. A giant, creepy looking bug."

Maria bristled at Stark's words and she felt Mortium twitch against her ear where he'd decided to perch. She heard Captain Rogers retort that Mortium was in fact a species of Old World moth but his defence was quickly cut short by Stark's sharp voice.

"A bug is a bug. A spy has a bug daemon. How freaking bizarre is..."

"If it's bizarre that my daemon settled as a death's head moth, Stark," Maria snarled, alerting the two men to her arrival, which caused them both to whirl around and stare at her. "Then it must be cliché that someone as annoying and caffeinated as you would have a hummingbird for a daemon."

She turned on her heel then, handing off the file she'd been dropping off to Pepper Potts, who'd just arrived and looked extremely confused, before hurrying on her way. She was in the elevator before Mortium spoke. "You know," the moth daemon said softly, crawling down to rest on Maria's shoulder, his wings quivering slightly. "He's an idiot."

"I know. It's just...I hate hearing shit about you being a moth. I mean, people wouldn't say anything if you were a butterfly or something, but because you're a moth they think..."

"They can think whatever they like," Mortium spoke quickly, cutting her off and causing her too look down at him. "It doesn't matter. All that matters is you're thoughts."

"You know I love you as you are."

If moth's could smile Mortium would definitely be smiling at her. "And that, Maria, is all that bloody well matters.

Other Avengers Daemons:
I hope she gets better treatment now that "Marvel Civil War" is over...
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