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August 10, 2012
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The Doctor and His Daemon by LJ-Todd The Doctor and His Daemon by LJ-Todd
For my Avengers daemon!AU fic.

Blurb about Bruce and his American badger daemon, Zenalla:

“It’s late.”

The soft voice drew Bruce’s gaze from his microscope and to the ball of grey-white fur sitting near the edge of the table. Zenallu had that look in her eyes, the one that said no matter what he said or how hard he argued, she was going to ensure he went to bed within the next few minutes. “Zena…”

“Nuh-huh,” Zenalla shook her head. “You’ve been up for three days straight, Bruce. Sleep must be had. We are not Stark and Kyori.”

Bruce couldn’t help but smile. Zenalla’s concern was evident in the way she watched him as he carefully put away his experiment before lifting her into his arms, carrying her out of the lab and towards their room. Once they were settled in bed, Zenalla snuggled against his chest.

“Thank you,” she whispered as he stroked a hand through her fur, his smile never wavering.

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Hey wait I've been reading these and daemon crossover things and it occurred to me do the daemons have the same power  as their heroes like is Benna supersoldier dog, does zenalla hulk out,kyour have a suit of armor etc.
LJ-Todd Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, in my little AU!verses if the person has an ability than the daemon doesn't always.

Using Benna and Zenalla for examples, their humans DNA was altered by exterior source (Steve via the serum and Bruce via Gamma radiation) and as such I don't feel that they as daemons would have been effected since they are the manifestations of Steve and Bruce's souls and the serum/radiation didn't change them as people just their exteriors and stuff. Kyori as a hummingbird is small enough that she wouldn't need a suit of armor or anything, she has a special compartment in Tony's suit.
Okay so what about the X-mans daemons?
LJ-Todd Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Same concept as Steve and Bruce. Mutation is DNA based, thus physical or mental changes not spiritual beyond the sense of discovering who they really are. They're daemons would reflect the strength they possessed once their mutation manifested but the daemon would not possess the mutation themselves. For example Xavier's daemon would not have telepathy, Scott's daemon wouldn't be able to shoot lasers from its eyes and Logan's daemon wouldn't have regenerative healing or bone claws.

But as I said before this is all how I interpret it and I imagine other artists/writers would have their own views on the matter.
Sorry it took so long to reply but would the doctors change form every time he changed bodies
LJ-Todd Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
In my opinion every time the Doctor regenerates his daemon would also change because he is technically becoming someone else. No two Doctors have ever had the same personality or views on the universe so I thought it was appropriate that their daemons would also change in that regard.
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