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The Adventurer and Her Daemon by LJ-Todd The Adventurer and Her Daemon by LJ-Todd
Blurb about Amy Pond and her Netherland Dwarf Rabbit daemon, Hinkelen:

She sat beside Rory as he and Sashura slept. She knew she should have been asleep as well. That she needed to rest, but her thoughts kept turning back to the Doctor, the look on his face when she'd chosen, willingly chosen, to be sent back in time. To be with Rory. She quickly gather Hinkelen into her arms and slipped silently from the bed, not wanting to wake Rory.

She managed to reach the hallway, the bedroom shut behind her, before she crumpled to the floor, clutching her daemon to her chest. Tears rolled down her face and quiet sobs fell from her lips. Hinkelen nuzzled under her chin, his ears flattened against his body, making him even smaller.

"He understood, Amelia," the little rabbit cooed at her, his voice soft as ever but with more certainty than it normally held. "Deep down a part of him understood why you did it."

"But...I...I hurt him so much..." Amy whimpered and more tears fell. "I never want to hurt him...not after all he...all he did for me...for Rory...I just...I had to be with the man I love."

Hinkelen made a soft sound, a soothing sound, and pressed closer. Telling her over and over again that the Doctor had understood. That nothing would ever change that.

Hinkelen is a Dutch word meaning "hop".

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Shining-Galaxy Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Gah! This is awesome :3 OMG!!
LJ-Todd Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you like it :D
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