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July 5, 2012
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Disclaimer: All rights belong to Marvel. I own nothing and no profit is being made.


Hours slowly slipped by without Magnus even noticing.

But the sun had long ago set and now he's sitting in the dark, still holding Darcy's hand and a chill has formed with the night. While he wasn't bothered by it he knew Darcy, even with the blanket wrapped around her, would be. Looking at the little fire pit he snapped the fingers of his free hand, watching as the flames came to life, warmth immediately saturating the air.

He looked over at Darcy, who had dosed off at some point and was now sleeping peacefully.

He studied her face and once again tried to determine why she, of all people, was the one he found himself drawn too. There was nothing extraordinary about her. She was pretty yes but in the way that so many other Midgardian women were. So it was not her beauty that drew him. She was smart, but not in the sort of way that one expected from the assistant of a scientist. She was immune, mostly so, to his magic and while it was a unique trait it was hardly amazing enough to hold his interest. Everything about her screamed of an ordinary woman merely placed in an extraordinary situation and yet here he sat, holding her hand, wanting to ensure that his plans brought no harm to her.

He wanted to protect her.

A frown graced his face.

Was this what had happened to Thor?

Glancing towards the building, towards where Jane was no doubt still working, he wondered if perhaps this was what had changed his so called brother. Was this love? Was he falling in love with Darcy?

His frown deepened.

Of course this wasn't love.

You didn't love someone by knowing them for a day. Love at first sight was a fairytale told to children to give them something to dream about and he was hardly a child. So no, this wasn't love. Infatuation perhaps. Admiration more likely. Desire possibly. But it wasn't love.

He looked at Darcy's face and a smile graced his.

Even in sleep there was something about her that drew him to her.

With his free hand he reached out and ran a finger down her cheek. The touch was feather light, as he did not wish to wake her, and yet she still murmured softly and leaned towards his hand. The movement, even as slight as it was, caused him to freeze, breathe caught in his throat until he realized that Darcy still slept. He sat there for a moment longer before gently cupping Darcy's cheek, thumb sweeping soft circles into the warm skin. Another murmur fell from her lips but she continued to sleep. His smile widened.

He sat there for a little while longer, just watching her sleep, until he decided that she should sleep in her bed. It would be better for her to be there. More comfortable. But that left the question of if he should wake her or not. Looking at her peaceful face he decided he didn't want to disturb her. Glancing over his shoulder to ensure that Jane nor Eric were within sight he used his magic to teleport both himself and Darcy to her bedroom.

As he carefully laid her on the bed, her eyes fluttered open, though sleep was still very apparent within them. "Magnus?"

Her voice, so soft and sleepy, had him reaching up to gently push her hair back. "Just tucking you in," he replied as he used his magic to change her clothes. In the blink of an eye she was dressed in pyjama pants and a plain white t-shirt.

Darcy murmured something, rubbing her eyes sleepily, and reached out, taking Magnus' hand once again. "You can stay," she practically whispered the words. "If you want."

His heart suddenly hammered against his ribs.

He'd never had anyone ever say something like that to him.

He hesitated at first, because really, he shouldn't stay. He was already letting Darcy to close as it was. And yet he was suddenly using his magic to change into more comfortable clothing before lying next to her. He tried to keep some space between their bodies but the moment he was settled, Darcy snuggled closer, her hands curling in the fabric of the shirt he wore.

Uncertainly, he wrapped his arms around her, and it wasn't until she'd fallen back to sleep that he found himself slowly relaxing. It didn't take long after that for sleep to claim him.


After the phone call from Selvig, Coulson sat at his desk for a while, attempting to work on paperwork that needed to be finished before the morning but his mind kept going back to what the doctor had told him. No memory of Magnus Martinsson. It was now nagging at him. Causing him to question what he knew. Or rather what he thought he knew.

Pushing the paperwork aside he quickly logged onto his computer, accessing the SHIELD international network and searching birth and death records for someone, anyone, named Magnus Martinsson. It didn't take long for the search to reveal no results. Part of him thought that was crazy, he'd met Magnus today, the man was certainly real. But the doubt was growing. It told him that Selvig was right. Something about this whole situation was just wrong.

Picking up his phone he dialled a long memorized number. The call answered almost immediately.

"Agent Coulson?"

"Director," Coulson spoke calmly even though he was beginning to feel an odd feeling creep into his mind, almost keeping him from speaking. "We have a situation out here."

"What kind of situation?"

"Possible security breach."

"You know the protocol for that."

"Yes sir, but there's a slight problem."

"Which would be what?"

Coulson drew a deep breath and that strange feeling intensified but he managed to fight through it. "The subject in question does not have any records to speak of. I think we may have another visitor."

"Friend or enemy?"

"Unknown. So far no signs of hostility but I'm sending two agents out as soon as possible so that may change."

The Director was silent for a moment, clearly thinking about the best course of action to take. "Send Agent Barton and a team," the man said, sounding cool and calm but there was a hint of agitation and hesitancy in his voice. "We can't afford to risk anything."

"Yes, sir."

The call ended after that and Coulson quickly set about getting the team together to brief them on what was happening and who they were after. When asked by one of the men if lethal fire was authorized he paused, thinking about the chances of any of Jane's team being caught in the crossfire. "Only if the target uses lethal measures first," he said as he handed out pictures of Magnus taken from the building's security feed. "We're not completely certain who, or what, we may be dealing with. It's possible he's not he to cause any harm."

"You think he's another Asgardian?"

Coulson looked at Barton who was studying the picture.

"It's possible but for now we're operating as though he's a potential threat."

Barton nodded and Coulson continued briefing the team with what little he knew. He didn't know why but he had a bad feeling about all of this.
Here's the next chapter. :)

Chapter Ten: [link]
Chapter Eight: [link]
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