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May 5, 2012
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Disclaimer: All rights belong to Marvel. I own nothing and no profit is being made.


Once they were back at the house, the new part attached to the telescope, Darcy wandered off as Jane and Magnus began discussing different quadrants of space or some such nonsense that they could start searching that night. She still hadn't wrapped her mind around all the astrophysics that Jane used in her work, being a politic science major did not mean she was the sharpest tack in the pack thank you very much, so she decided it was best to just not get in the way.

Which was why she now found herself sitting in one of the lawn chairs in the backyard, staring out at the desert, her thoughts tangled worse than a ball of yarn played with by a herd of kittens.

She still wasn't sure what she should do about Magnus.

Logic dictated that she find a way to tell Coulson, to tell anyone at SHIELD, about him.

Compassion said to just buck it up and help Magnus.

Sighing irritably she rubbed a hand over her face.

Why was it, whenever her life went all topsy-turvy it was because of a member of the opposite sex? It was hardly fair of fate, or whatever, to screw with her this way.

She glanced over her shoulder, easily spotting Jane and Magnus working through one of the windows. For being an alien Magnus was fairly competent at what he was doing. Or at least he managed to delude Jane into thinking he was. Watching Magnus she tried to spot something, some little character flaw, which would give away the fact that he wasn't human. Not surprisingly she found nothing. To any one else he would see like a geeky, somewhat uppity, human male.

Which made it suck even more that she was the only one who knew the truth.

When Magnus suddenly looked out the window, noticing her staring, he grinned at her.


Huffing in anger at being caught staring at him, she quickly turned around, staring out at the open expanse of desert. There was something about him that drew her attention. Even if he were just another guy she knew that he still exude the same attractive air.

He's an alien, stupid, her inner voice snapped at her suddenly. And one with serious mojo. He's already tried to scramble your brain with that compulsion spell. This attraction bullshit is probably just another spell.

She frowned. As usual her inner voice had a very good point.

Her attraction to him could just be him messing with her mind. Even if she were immune to the compulsion spell it didn't mean she was immune to other spells or whatever.

Slumping in the chair she pulled her feet up onto the edge of the chair, wrapping her arms around her legs and trying very hard not to feel too upset over the fact that she was becoming so confused over something that should have been rather simple.


Magnus stared at Darcy through the window even after she had turned away.

He didn't understand what he'd done to cause her to turn away so sharply. He'd assumed smiling at her would encourage her to return to the lab, she'd been sitting outside for quite a while now, but instead it seemed to only cause her to remain seated where she was. It was confusing and infuriating at the same time.


His head snapped around quickly at the sound of Jane's voice. "Sorry, what?"

Jane chuckled and shook her head. "What's with you and Darcy today, hm?" She picked up a star chart and unfolded it. "One minute you two can't get along and the next it's like you're pining after one another."

He couldn't help but scoff at her words. "I assure you, Jane, I'm not pining for Darcy."

Jane glanced up from the star chart. "You could have fooled me," she said with a grin. "Did something happen between the two of you that I don't know about?"

"And when would something have happened, Jane? Between working here and traveling to check other phenomena I hardly have personal time."

"Is that you're way of hinting for vacation time?"

A softly chuckle rumbled from his chest. "And miss out on the chance at helping you locate your lost boyfriend? Hardly."

"He's not my boyfriend."

Magnus' arched an eyebrow. "No? From what I gathered from Darcy, you and this Thor were…"

A door suddenly banged open and a older man walked in, looking exhausted.

"Erik!" Jane straightened, smiling brightly at the man. "We weren't expecting you until tomorrow."

"The Director decided I deserved a few days of rest." Erik paused to yawn and rub his eyes. "Apparently working practically nonstop for three weeks warrants a three day vacation."

Magnus started to say something about a small break being better than no break at all when he felt it. The same power he'd felt at the SHIELD base only not as strong. It clung to the other man and drifted from him in faint waves. He stared, trying to figure out what sort of power source would cause such an event when he heard Erik clear his throat, looking from Jane to Magnus.

"Oh," Jane said, realization dawning on her. "Right. Um, Erik, this is Magnus Martinsson, one of my associates. Magnus, this is Erik Selvig, my oldest friend and the man who helped push me into astrophysics."

"Charmed," Magnus said with a nod.

"Likewise." Erik studied him for a moment, clearly trying to remember Jane ever mentioning Magnus before, but eventually shook his head and muttered something about taking a shower and then going to bed. Jane followed him from the lab, saying something about getting him some food.

Magnus watched them go all while thinking that he'd found an even better way to get near that power source. A way that would not involve placing Darcy in harms way.

He stiffened suddenly.

What the hell was that?

What did he care if one little mortal woman was harmed so long as he acquired that power source? One life was insignificant in the face of his destiny. He was meant to rule and the power hidden at SHIELD would help him to do just that.

He glanced out the window, his gaze landing on Darcy instantly and he was surprised when a small smile crept onto his face.

His reaction to just looking at her confused him.

She wasn't important.

He started to turn away from the window, determined to remember that she was nothing, only to pause when he saw her shiver. Even across the distance between them he saw it. And why it bothered him he didn't understand.

She's not important, he thought even as he headed for the door, grabbing a blanket from the back of the sofa as he passed it. She is not important. She means nothing. Less than nothing.

Stepping outside he was a bit surprised at the chill in the air. For a desert the evening air was much cooler than one might expect. Walking over to her, he saw the surprise in her eyes when he unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around her.

"What…" She blinked, watching as he waved a hand towards the fire pit a few feet away, causing flames to spring to life instantly. "Umm…Magnus?"

He sat in the chair next to hers and didn't say anything.

He was too confused by his actions to even attempt to explain to her why he'd done it.
The next chapter of the story.

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