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April 29, 2012
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Disclaimer: All rights belong to Marvel. I own nothing and no profit is being made.


Darcy, so focused on Coulson, almost missed the sudden glint that entered Magnus' eyes as the man looked Coulson up and down, clearly sizing the other man up. And that couldn't possibly be a good thing. She cleared her throat as she hurriedly dug the inventory list and Jane's note from her pocket, hoping to provide a quick distraction.

"Here's the inventory list, Agent Coulson, sir," she said with a grin when Coulson's frown deepened. He hated the way she called him sir. "And Jane needs a new…something or other."

Coulson took the list just as a lab tech, who was walking by carrying a container full of a bright blue substance, tripped, causing the substance to slosh over the side of the container and all over Coulson's pants. The tech began squeaking out apologies and assuring Coulson the substance was harmless. Coulson fixed the poor woman with a cold stare and told her to be more careful in the future.

Darcy bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing as she watched the exchange. Then she began wondering what on earth had caused the tech to trip and her humour died instantly. It wasn't like there was anything on the floor. Nor was it uneven. A soft chuckle, almost inaudible, caused her to look over at Magnus. There was the slightest grin on his face and the glint in his eyes that she'd noticed earlier had taken on a mischievous shine. Uh oh, that couldn't possibly be good. Given the ease with which he had fixed Coulson's car then God only knew what he'd be capable of if he was attempting to harm someone.

I have got to get him out of here, Darcy thought frantically, glancing at Coulson, who was reviewing Jane's note, then back to Magnus. Before something really bad happens.

"Well if that's all, Agent Coulson, sir," she said hurriedly, noticing the way Coulson's jaw ticked. It was a slight tick but she'd learned to spot it early on. "Magnus and I had better be getting back. Somebody can drop off whatever Jane needs or…umm…I'll come back to get it when it's…"

"It's a part for the telescope we installed on the roof a few months ago, Miss Lewis." Coulson looked at her, expressionless but eyes full of curiosity. He'd clearly taken note of her odd behaviour. "It's down on the storage level. If you and Mr Martinsson would follow me." He started to turn, paused, and glanced at Clint who was still standing there and grinning like a loon. "Don't you have duties to be attending to, Agent Barton?"

Clint shrugged, still grinning, and winked at Darcy. "More than likely, boss man."

"Then get to them. Now."

Without another word to his agent, Coulson turned and headed off towards a set of elevator doors. Darcy risked a quick glance at Magnus, who still had that mischievous glint in his eyes, and silently prayed nothing worse than having blue goo spilled on his clothes happened to Coulson. He may not have been her favourite person but she still didn't want to see anything bad happen to him.

Darcy hurried after Coulson after shooting Magnus a scowl.

Magnus was mildly amused by the fact that Darcy had caught on to his little game. Most mortals never realized he was the cause for things such as the Son of Coul's gooey accident. But then again she did seem to be an anomaly of sorts. He had just started to follow her when he felt that power source again. It rippled across his skin and began to feel like an itch he couldn't scratch. He tried to hone in on it again but it was just as illusive as before. Letting out a low huff of anger he joined Darcy and the Son of Coul.


By the time they'd reached the storage level, retrieved the part and then left the building, Darcy was ready to beat Magnus with something, most likely the rather heavy piece of equipment for Jane's satellite. This was because she was ninety percent certain that he was the one who had caused all of the so called accidents that seemed to happen to Coulson. First the blue goo, then the sprinkles going off for no apparent reason, then one of the scanners had malfunctioned and nearly blinded the poor man. Then, once they were in the storage area, a crate somehow tipped over, broke open and a spider the size of softball had crawled out.

Who knew Coulson was terrified enough of spiders to turn white as a sheet and nearly pass out. The man had looked ready to have a heart attack.

After carefully storing the part in the back of the truck, Darcy joined Magnus in the cab. She just sat there for a moment, hands gripping the steering wheel tightly to resist the urge to choke the man…alien…whatever he was. When he cleared his throat, obviously confused as to why they were just sitting there instead of leaving, Darcy shot him a nasty look.

"What the hell was that all about?!"

Magnus' eyebrow rose. "I beg pardon?"

"Don't play dumb with me, Magnus. I know you were responsible for the shit that just happened to Coulson. Now start talking or I'm marching back in there and informing him who it is exactly that he should want to Taser."

Magnus' eyes seemed to sparkle then and Darcy's scowl deepened. Did he think she was kidding? Letting out a hiss she reached for the door handle, fully intending to carry through with her threat.

"Wait!" His hand snared her wrist, holding her in place.

She looked back at him. When he didn't speak for a few minutes she huffed. "Well?"

"I…" Magnus shrugged his shoulders in a way that almost seemed delicate. "I…well…it was just a bit of fun, Darcy."

"Fun?" She stared at him in a mix of disbelief and anger. "Fun? You think that was funny? You could have seriously hurt him, you idiot!"

"Nothing I did would have caused lasting damage," Magnus scoffed, shaking his head. He had honestly thought she'd enjoy the pranks. What had he done wrong? "It was all harmless fun. I didn't think you'd object this much, given your obvious…distaste for the Son of Coul."

"Just because Coulson and I are not best buddies or anything is no reason for me to take joy or amusement from his pain!"

"I see." Magnus released her wrist quickly, as though her skin burned him. Her reaction reminded him of his so called brother's. Thor had often held little enjoyment for his sort of fun. By the end Thor more often than not reprimanded him for his tricks. It would seem that Darcy was no different.

Darcy saw the dejected look that briefly flashed in Magnus' eyes and suddenly felt a bit bad. She hadn't meant to lose her temper the way she had. She just wanted Magnus to understand what he'd done could have had serious consequences. It was almost like he didn't think of that. She sighed as she looked out the windshield.

"Look," she said softly as she reached up and pushed a hand through her hair. "It's not that all of it was bad. The goo and the sprinklers…that was harmless. Hell, I'm not sure how I managed to keep from laughing when the goo spilled. But the other things…those weren't. Coulson could have really been hurt. Either the vision in his eye could have been damaged or that spider could have caused him to have a heart attack or something."

She paused and looked over at him. "Do you see what I'm saying, Magnus?"

Magnus suddenly felt like a child again. His mother had once given him a similar speech when he'd been young and pulled some rather nasty pranks. He wasn't certain what it was about this human woman, but he didn't want her to look at him the way she was now. Like she was disappointed. Of course she is, a voice in his mind whispered, sounding suspiciously like the All-Mother. You're not human. She thinks you're above her kind. She thinks you're above things they would do to one another.

Swallowing thickly he ended up having to clear his throat before speaking.

"Forgive me, Darcy. I…I only meant to have a bit of fun. I…I often forget that humans are not like my people. I will restrain my impulses in the future."

He watched as a small smile crept onto her face and suddenly it was as though a weight was lifted from his chest. Why did it matter if she was happy or not?

Because I need her, he thought as she started the truck and backed up. I need her so that I may regain access to this place so that I may find that power source. That's all. She's a tool. Nothing more.
And here is chapter six, guys. Sorry for the delay in updates, been sort of busy plus my plot bunnies decided to take a vacation but thankfully they’ve returned so now we can get cracking.

Chapter Seven: [link]

Chapter Five: [link]
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