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March 17, 2012
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Disclaimer: All rights belong to Marvel. I own nothing and no profit is being made.


Standing beneath the spray of the shower Darcy realized her anger wasn't going away like she thought it might. Oh it died down but it was still there. It was merely simmering, like the calm before the storm, waiting for the appropriate moment to blow. Hopefully when that happened it would be after she figured out a way to tell Coulson what was really going on. Because honestly she still hadn't figured out how to do that yet.

Once she'd rinsed the shampoo and conditioner from her hair she turned the taps, cutting off the water, and reached around the shower curtain for her towel. Merely wrapping the soft fabric around her body she shoved the curtain aside and stepped out. As she walked into her room she found herself thankful, once again, for the contractor putting in adjoining bathrooms. She didn't think she could handle living with a bunch of people if they had to share one bathroom. She wasn't in college any longer thank-you very much.

Dropping the towel as she reached the dresser she began humming the tune to Chick Habit as she opened the top drawer. Once she had on a bra and matching boyshorts she walked to the foot of the bed where she'd laid out her clothes before taking a shower. She had just picked up her jeans when the bedroom door opened. Her whole body froze when Magnus' voice filled the air.

"Darcy, I don't mean to intrude, but Jane was wondering if you could ask Coulson for a new…"

Magnus' voice died the moment their eyes locked.

For a second it was like the world was standing still.

The moment Magnus' eyes dropped, slowly sliding down her body, a scream tore from Darcy's throat loud enough to shatter glass. It broke whatever spell had fallen and Magnus barely managed to duck out of the room before Darcy could throw anything at him. He started to pull the door shut only to have it shoved at the same moment. He could hear Darcy cursing and did the only thing he could think of.

"I'm sorry," he called through the door. "I…I…if it's any consolation you have very nice legs."

Darcy screeched like a banshee and Magnus decided to play it safe and wait this little incident out in the kitchen. That way if Darcy tried to murder him once she was clothed Jane would be there to prevent it.

Darcy leaned against the door and listened as Magnus walked away. She didn't have to look in the mirror to know her face was beat red. Sliding down to the floor she sat there for and tried to calm the rapid race of her heart. Sure she'd walked in earlier on Magnus, but at least he'd had pants on, she hadn't seen him in his underwear. That little thought caused her face to heat up even more and she buried her head in her hands and let out a weak scream.

This couldn't be freaking happening!

Drawing a deep breath she got to her feet, dressed in a hurry and slowly, oh so very slowly, opened the bedroom door. Peeking out, she found the hallway empty. Walking out she headed first for the living room. Her purse was still on the coffee table after all and despite the anger, which had doubled in the last ten minutes or so, she wasn't about to risk driving out to the SHIELD base without her driver's licence. The way her luck was going lately she'd get pulled over and the cop would arrest her.

And wouldn't Coulson have a field day if he had to come and bail her out of jail.

It was not an experience she wanted to be able to add to the long list of things she wanted to forget.

Once in the living room she quickly looked around, making certain there was no sign of Magnus, before quickly grabbing her purse and slinging the strap over her shoulder. She would have left right then and there but she remembered that when Magnus had opened her door he'd been saying something about Jane wanted her to ask Coulson for something. Drawing a deep, calming breath and headed towards the kitchen. She knew Jane was still there because she could hear dishes rattling and somehow she doubted that Magnus did dishes.

As she entered the room she didn't fail to see the way Magnus stepped around the kitchen island and watched her warily. She chose to ignore him in favour of taking a few steps towards Jane. "Hey, Jane, what was it you want me to ask Coulson for?"

Jane half turned, frowning a bit. "Didn't Magnus tell you?"

Darcy shot Magnus a dark look. "I think he tried, but most men tend to run off after walking in on a girl when she's half naked."

If looks could kill Darcy most recently would have been pushing up daisies. Jane looked from Darcy to Magnus and back again. Looking extremely confused. "He what?"

Darcy crossed her arms over her chest and opened her mouth to explain what had happened but Magnus spoke quickly, cutting her off before she could get a single word out.

"It was an accident," he said firmly, giving Darcy a look that practical dared her to dispute his words. "It was no worse than you barging in on me before breakfast."

"Darcy!" Jane gave Darcy an astonished look and Darcy threw her hands up in the air.

"Why are you yelling at me?! He at least had pants on! I was in my underwear!"

Jane looked from Darcy to Magnus and then back again. She drew a deep breath and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Look," she said after a few minutes, looking up at her so called assistants. "I don't know what's happened between you two, you always worked so well together, but I want your issues to be put aside. With SHIELD watching our every step we can't risk giving the impression that we're anything but professional. I will not risk everything we've been working on because you two are acting strange. Am I clear?"

Darcy and Magnus exchanged similar looks but gave slight nods. Jane smiled and quickly grabbed a notebook and pen. "Alright, then," Jane said as she scribbled something on the page before tearing it out of the book and handing it to Darcy. "Just give this to Coulson and I'm sure he can handle things."

Darcy nodded, folding the piece of paper before tucking it into her pocket. She grabbed the inventory list from the table, shoved it into her purse, shot Magnus a quick glare and turned to leave but stopped when Jane said her name. Looking back she instantly knew that she wasn't going to like whatever Jane was about to say.

"Why don't you take Magnus with you, Darcy?" Jane turned towards the sink. "I'm sure Coulson will need to check with him about his findings…err…I suppose that would be the lack of findings."

Darcy and Magnus glared at one another.

"And why can't I just send Agent Stick-Up-His-Ass here to talk to him?"

When Jane glanced over her shoulder at Darcy, a rather fierce scowl on her face, the younger woman knew it was better to just do as Jane asked.

With a deep breath Darcy shot Magnus a dirty look. "Come on, Ass Monkey, let's go."

She heard Jane tell her not to call Magnus names but ignored her friend in favour of stomping out of the room. Her anger had returned full force and it was like a mini hurricane was swirling around inside of her. She didn't recall the walk through the building, but once she was outside, she drew a deep breath in an attempt to calm down.

It didn't work.

With a low sound she walked down the steps and headed towards the truck. She glanced back when she heard a door open. Magnus paused momentarily, looking around cautiously, before he followed after her. Turning back to the truck she yanked the driver's door open and climbed in. She watched Magnus through the windshield as she slammed her door shut, digging the keys from her pocket and practically jammed them into the ignition. Her fingers drummed the steering wheel as she waited for him to get into the truck.

Once he was seated in the passenger seat, she started the truck and threw it into reverse. She may have backed out onto the road with a little more speed then necessary but she wanted this trip over with as soon as possible. She had just put the truck into drive when Magnus decided it was a good idea to speak.

"If I tell you how sorry I am about walking in on your…your state of undress…would that make things better?"

Darcy looked at Magnus out of the corner of her eye. "You seriously think an apology is going to make everything better?"

Magus shrugged, pretending to looking out the window as they drove through town. "Most likely not."

Darcy snorted. "That's the understatement of the century."

Silence fell between them after that and they had just reached the town limits when Darcy found her thoughts suddenly becoming spoken words.

"If you're part of some super advanced race or whatever, why did you come to Earth? I mean, you had to have had other choices. Thor, that's Jane's boyfriend or whatever, said there were a lot of realms, so why pick Earth?"

Darcy frowned when she noticed that Magnus had stiffened. She looked over at him quickly. He was pale, well paler, and his hands were clenched in fists. Darcy swallowed nervously and looked out the windshield again. "Hey," she said with a voice much softer than before. "Did I…Did I say something wrong?"

Magnus looked over at Darcy, his eyes cold and face a blank mask. It gave Darcy the creeps. "It's nothing you need be concerned with," he said calmly, though she could hear the sharp edge in his tone. Clearly she had said something that upset him. But what? All she'd asked about was why he'd come to Earth instead of…

Understanding suddenly dawned on Darcy. Thor. She'd mentioned Thor. Did Magnus know Thor? If so what did that mean? She glanced at Magnus out of the corner of her eye. He was still stiff and looked ready to hit something. She knew Thor had gone back to his realm to deal with his brother but she also knew Thor's brother was named Loki. So obviously Magnus wasn't Thor's brother. But Magnus' reaction told her that he knew Thor. It was the only logical explanation for his behaviour. That left the question of how Magnus knew Thor.

"Magnus," Darcy spoke calmly, even though her heart was beating a mile a minute. She wasn't certain if she should ask but she'd never had much of a brain to mouth filter. "How do you know Thor?"

She yelled in surprise when the truck came to a sudden stop that had nothing to do with her. Looking over at Magnus she was a bit surprised, and scared, to find him glaring at her like she were a bug he was about to crush beneath his boot heel. She shrank back a bit, pressing against the door and watching him like a frightened mouse watched a cat.

"How I know that back stabbing bastard is none of your concern," Magnus snarled the words and Darcy swore his eyes were glowing. She noticed little green sparks kept appearing at his fingertips and tried to pretend she hadn't. "Am I in anyway unclear, Miss Lewis?"

Darcy felt a sudden rush of courage. She wasn't about to let Magnus walk all over her. She'd toppled the mighty Thor with her Taser for crying out loud. She should be able to take on Magnus and win as well. "You're the one who needs my help, Magnus," she reminded hotly, her eyes narrowing. "So if you expect me to keep helping you, then I expect to be at least be told how you know someone I consider a friend. You understand me, buddy?"

Magnus gave her a look so cold it could have frozen water. She swallowed nervously and waited for him to reply.
Chapter three of "Changing of the Seasons".

Chapter Five: [link]
Chapter Three: [link]
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