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January 26, 2012
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Disclaimer: All rights belong to Marvel. I own nothing and no profit is being made.


By the time Darcy finished getting the guest room, or rather Magnus' room, set up she was cranky, dealing with men usually had that result, and hungry, she hadn't eaten since yesterday at lunch after all.

Looking around she decided the room was good enough and turned on her heels and strolled towards the kitchen. She paused as she reached the living room, eyes fixed on her coat. Her cell phone was in her pocket and while she had told Magnus she would help him, she hadn't really specified how she would help. By all rights she was just a college graduate with a degree in political science. What did she know about helping freaking alien runaways or whatever it was that Magnus was? She was in over her head and she knew it.

Retrieving her phone she scrolled through the contacts, finding Coulson's and started to press the call button only to find herself unable to do so. She struggled to find the will to press the button and get the SHIELD agent out here to handle this situation. But the harder she tried the harder it became to follow through with her plan. It was like something was preventing her from telling someone what was really happening.

It took a minute but she did come to the crashing realization that there was a damn good reason she couldn't call Coulson.


It had to be that damn compulsion spell or whatever it was.

Letting out an angry sound she likened to the growl of a pissed off house cat, she stuffed the phone in her pocket and all but ran to the kitchen. She heard Magnus saying something to Jane about not finding anything useful while he'd been away but didn't catch Jane's reply as she came sliding to a halt a few feet from Magnus.

"YOU!" Darcy pointed a finger at Magnus, who had the grace to look startled at least, and drew herself up to her full height. Which wasn't really impressive given that even then he all but towered over her. "You…You…Ass monkey!"

"Darcy!" Jane's tone was meant to be scolding but Darcy ignored her in favour of glaring daggers at Magnus.

"You and I," Darcy continued as though Jane had never spoken. "Are going to have a little chat."

"But Jane's just made breakfast," Magnus said calmly, as though the woman currently snapping at him wasn't armed with a powerful electrical weapon. "Can't this wait?"

"No it can't!" Darcy turned, walking back towards the living room only to pause when she realized Magnus wasn't following. Glaring over her shoulder she fixed him with a look that had caused many a frat boy to tuck tail and run. "Now, ass monkey!"

She waited until Magnus started to follow her before she hurried into the living room. Once there she turned, arms crossed over her chest and eyes narrowed in on him as he walked in and leaned against the back of the couch.

"What was so important you had to drag me away from breakfast," he asked as he rested a hand on the back of the couch.

"Your damn compulsion spell."

"I thought we already established this," Magnus said as he tipped his head to one side and then the other, closely resembling a curious bird. "My spell doesn't work on you."

"Well I think you may have merely screwed up on it."

His eyebrow rose in query and Darcy let out that angry cat growl again. "I can't call SHIELD and tell Coulson the truth about you."

"Oh? Well now that's very interesting."

"IT'S NOT INTERESTING YOU COLOSSAL SPACE TOAD!" Darcy grabbed a pillow from a nearby chair and threw it at him, only to have it miss him when he ducked.

"I thought you to be immune," he said calmly, shrugging his shoulders and stepping away from the couch. "It would seem my spell from last night must have had some sort of countering effect on my compulsion spell."

"Spell…from…last…night…" Darcy grabbed something else, a book it turned out, and hurled it at him only to have him catch it and toss it onto the couch. "You…You…"

Jane chose that moment to pop her head into the living room. "Breakfast is going to get cold you two, so come and eat."

Darcy frowned as her friend disappeared back into the kitchen before shooting Magnus a glare. "We aren't done with this conversation," she said as she started towards the kitchen. "Not by a long shot."

"Of course not, Darcy."

Magnus watched her disappear into the kitchen before he followed. He kept thinking about his spells. Never before had one cancelled out another. His compulsion spell had been the first bit of Nord chaos magic he had learned as a youth. It had proven useful against those whom he needed to deceive in order to avoid strict punishments. It had never failed him.

So what was it about Darcy that caused a lesser spell to cause his greatest compulsion spell to fail?

Entering the kitchen he smiled when Jane handed him a plate of bacon, eggs and pancakes. He sat at the table across from Darcy, who glared at him while munching on toast. He smiled at her, almost a cocky grin, and her glared darkened. He started to chuckle only to let out a soft yelp when she kicked him in the shin.

"Darcy!" Jane suddenly sounded a lot like a mother reprimanding a small child. She sat down, giving her friend a frown. "What is with you today? You're acting weird." She paused as though considering her words. "Well…weirder than normal at least."

Darcy huffed, taking a bite of her toast. She continued to glare at Magnus until her phone went out. The sound of Death Cab for Cutie filled the air and Jane rolled her eyes at Darcy's ringtone choice. Darcy ignored her friend in favour of checking the caller id and groaning faintly. She drew a deep breath and hit the little green button.

"Yes, oh mighty Agent Coulson, tell me how I can bow down today."

"Miss Lewis," Coulson spoke calmly but Darcy heard the frustration lacing his voice.

"Oh…I forgot to call you sir, sir."

Darcy saw Magnus' eyebrow rose and promptly stuck her tongue out at him, earning a sharp look from Jane.

"You also forgot to include a detailed inventory list with the report you dropped off last night, Miss Lewis."

Darcy's toast suddenly tasted like ash. He wasn't saying what she thought he was saying was he? "Are you joking?" She set the remainder of her toast on the plate in front of her.

"No, Miss Lewis, I am not. What time can I expect you to deliver that list?"

Darcy groaned and rose to her feet. "I've got to shower and then I'll head out to the base."

"A few hours then, thank you, Miss Lewis."

Coulson hung up without waiting for a response and Darcy huffed as she tucked the phone back into her pocket. Jane looked up at her.

"What's wrong?"

"Apparently we forgot to include the inventory list and Coulson wants it."

Jane frowned. "I could have sworn…" She got up and checked a stack of papers on the counter. Cursing softly when she found the inventory list. "You don't have to do it, Darcy, I can…"

Darcy waved her hand. "I got it," she said as she shot Magnus a look. "Not like I really want to be here right now anyways."

As she headed out of the room she heard Jane ask Magnus what was going on between. She didn't know what Magnus' reply was and at the moment she couldn't care less. When she got out to SHIELD she was going to try and tell Coulson what was going on. Surely there had to be a way to let the agent know that there was another alien traveler taking refugee with her and Jane.

And if not, well, she would figure out a way to handle the situation herself.
Chapter three of "Changing of the Seasons".

Chapter Two: [link]
Chapter One: [link]
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